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Under the "Selected Binding Sites" there are shown predicted binding sites using ProBiS binding sites detection algorithm. These binding sites were predicted for the representative protein of the selected protein and mapped onto the selected protein. On default predicted binding sites are already selected for docking. Click "Remove" button if you want to change that.

You can add custom binding sites by selecting atoms and pressing Add binding site button. Small window will pop up in which you have to set radius of binding site. Depending on what atoms were selected their geometric center will be calculated. Binding site will include all atoms whose distance to geometric center is smaller than the chosen radius. Click Add Binding Site button to add selected binding site for docking. Click Cancel to cancel adding.

See user guide for more information.
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Centroid Radius: 1Å
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Selected Binding Sites:
You can draw ligand structure with MarvinSketch application. To add ligand for docking click blue button with green plus icon in top toolbar. Ligands will be shown in in right side under "Ligands:". They can be removed with click on red x icon. When finished click on exit button.

If you are not familiar with MarvinSketch you can see user guide:
MarvinSketch User Guide
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  • Candock is designed to predict how small molecules, such as substrates or drug candidates, bind to a receptor of known 3D structure.
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Predict the preferred orientation of ligands to a protein.

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