PIRSpred - protein inhibitor resistance/susceptibility prediction

Due to computational constraints, the docking with dynamics portion of this server is available only for those have made prior arrangements with us, or if the binding affinities have already been predicted by us for the submitted mutant (currently 1792 mutation patterns; try "L63P, K70R" for protease inhibitors for example).

Sequence name:
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Compound type:

To evaluate the phenotype, you have the option of entering a mutation list for HIV protease or reverse transcriptase:

or submitting the full length protein sequence:

Amino acid sequences must be submitted in one-letter code. The amino acid mutation list (relative to the wild type HIV-1 subtype B consensus sequence) must be separated by comma or space if you want predictions for HIV protease or reverse transcriptase inhibitors. For example: 2X, 32K, 154DE, ... X can be used to represent any unknown amino acid. Multiple amino acid mutations at the same position may be specified as a consecutive string of letters. The mutation list will be converted into a full amino acid sequence, based on the compound type selected.

If you have a part of a HIV genome sequence, we recommend that you use the HIVseq tool available at Stanford HIV database to retrieve the corresponding mutation list, and then use our tools for the prediction based on genotype.

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