Download Nutritious Rice for the World protein models

Download top models of all protein sequences

This downloads a bzipped tarball of the top 5 models for all 59940 protein sequences that were modeled. The size of download is 2 GB.

Download all 299,700 models


Choose individual protein model set

Choose top models from protein sequences gene, hash, sequence, or other identifier. Currently only exact matches are supported.
Rice gene (e.g. LOC_Os07g43590 or LOC_Os07g43590.1)
MD5 hash

Enter identifier or sequence


Upload file of identifiers and sequences

Upload a text file with a set of identifiers or sequences. The format is identifier preceded by the type of identifier separated by whitespace(gene, hash, sequence, other)
For example:
gene LOC_Os07g43590 hash 00f5d83786cefdcfbd6ae515a0c97bc5

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