Protinfo ABCM

Currently, due to heavy usage (more than 20 sequences/day on average), expect delays for model building. Also, the multicore server running the Protinfo AB module for public use is down and either needs to be repaired or replaced. Until that is done, Protinfo AB jobs will not be processed. We're sorry for the inconvenience but CASP9 and tight funding are complicating the solution, which we hope to implement any time.

Please read the documentation as well as some caveats based on the analysis of the server modules' performance before submitting a sequence. In particular, please do realise that the de novo (AB) approach is best only for smaller sequences (100 amino acids or less). Also, users submitting a large number of sequences simultaneously will be moved to a separate queue which would be (naturally) slower).

Submit the following information:

Target name:


generate comparative models
generate de novo models

The 3D template structure along with the alignment between the template and target proteins can optionally be supplied for comparative modelling and/or fold recognition (it is ignored otherwise):

Template PDB file:
Template sequence:
Target Sequence:

Submitting additional information puts the methods into a preemptive mode. If an alignment is provided, then that alignment along with a template structure (which must also be provided) is used for all further modelling. If a 3D structure is provided, then that structure is used as a template for modelling.


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