The CompBio Nutritious Rice for the World team

The science behind this project is a product of effort made by all members of the Samudrala Computational Biology Research Group (CompBio) past and present, IBM, the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), and of course the entire scientific community. The following specific group members from the CompBio team are credited for making this project a reality by implementing a specialised version of the protein structure prediction program, gathering input data and analyzing the results:

Dr. Ram Samudrala
Principal Investigator

Dr. Ling-Hong Hung
Research Scientist and Programmer

Michal Guerquin
Project Lead

Special thanks goes to everyone at IBM for providing technical expertise and logistics management and to BGI for providing the sequence data. Finally, the most important research participants for this specific project are the volunteers who offer computational power to make this possible.

Project contact

You may send email to rice at with questions for the team, or post on the project forum.