The Protinfo web server consists of a series of discrete modules that model, and provide information about, protein folding, structure, function, interaction, evolution, and design by applying computational methodologies developed by our group. It serves as a complement to our Bioverse framework, where these modules are wholistically integrated, and other resources available as a result of our computational biology activities (see credits). As a result of our move in 2014 (a while back, we realise), there were many disruptions to the original servers that worked quite well for almost 15 years. Please bear any downtime and broken links.

Hierarchies that encompass the tools below

CompBio - our group.
CANDO - multiscale therapeutic discovery, repurposing, and design platform to revolutionise drug discovery.
Bioverse - object-oriented framework for exploring the relationships among the molecular, genomic, proteomic, systems, and organismal worlds.
Protinfo - protein structure, function, and interaction modelling web server modules.
Rice - structure, function, interaction of rice proteins and proteomes to devise new forms of nutritious rice for the world.
Decoys 'R' Us - discriminate native like protein structures to evaluate scoring functions.
Proteomusic - convert complex 3D structures to complex 3D music.
Prostring - convert an arbitrary string using the amino acid alphabet.
CompBiki - documentation and dialetic.

Interaction modelling

FDWD - fragment-based docking with dynamics.

Function modelling

MFS - protein meta-functional signature indicating functional importance of each residue.
SOAK - protein ion binding sites, types, affinities, and specificities from structure.
PIRSpred - protein inhibitor resistance/susceptibility modelling.
FSSA - protein functional signatures from structural alignments.

Structure modelling

ABCM - protein tertiary structure using de novo and template modelling methods.
PPC - protein complex structure structure modelling using the interolog method.
Score - scores/pseudoenergies of protein conformations.
NMR - protein tertiary structure using NMR chemical shift and NOESY data coupled with de novo simulation.
PsiCSI protein secondary structure using NMR chemical shift data and neural networks.

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